• - Began 1979 Domestic Cleaning...2 Collie Dogs & a Yellow Escort Van
  • - Cleaning houses for little old ladies - demanding & fussy...I learned heaps
  • - Increased services as required - Mowing, Rubbish Removal, External House Washing, Rentals, Gardening, Carpet Steam Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Stripping & Sealing Vinyl...I NEVER said NO to a job
  • - In 1986 - contracted Ross River Fever from mosquitoes whilst mowing at St Lucia which led to Rheumatoid Arthritis...a challenging devine gift!
  • - Began the learning curve with employees...more painful than Rheumatoid Arthritis!
  • - In 1991 - learned the - Big Lesson of Business and started by myself...again!
  • - 2008 - Still here! - Persistent! Focusing on Servicing the Construction Industry
  • Bigger, More Experienced, More Organised, More Skilled, More Structured, More Supported, More Equipment, More Training, QA, Blue Cards, Hard Hats, Steel Caps, Hi-Viz Uniforms, MSDS, Safe Work Method Statements, Checklists, Support Office Staff, An Awesome Team of over 30 Subcontractors, Team Leaders and Helena, Abraham and Ayesha (winning Hearts!)...with a Little Flying - a Magic Escape to keep sane!

You still call the one number 0414 272 616...

You will speak directly to Helena ......PERSONAL SERVICE!
A Note from Helena:

The face of Helena Cleaning Services may have changed over the years but my goal to please my clients and to help has been my underlying motivation.

I have dedicated my life since 1979 to the promotion of professionalism within the Cleaning Industry and I have used Helena Cleaning Services as my personal vehicle for learning and extending myself.

By attending many courses, reading many books, searching for advisors and mentors, reflecting upon experiences since 1979, I am constantly modifying and hopefully improving our services and our method of working. As Helena Cleaning Services expands it opens more opportunities for myself and for the people who are making this expansion possible.

I wish to express my gratitude to all those people who have ever been involved in this process. You have all been my teachers.

Thank you.